To ensure the safety of all patrons and guests, Grandstand Stadium has created the following code of conduct and policy guidelines. Please review and follow the rules and policies below as failure to abide by them may result in expulsion from the venue without refund.

If you have any questions, please contact the box office at (718) 760-6363.

Accessibility Policy

Grandstand Stadium is proud to provide the following accommodations to guests in need.

  • Accessibility space may be available for certain events.
  • Accessibility parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis right outside of the stadium.
  • Service animals are welcome. 
    • Please note that comfort animals By law, emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy dogs are not service animals, under Title II and Title III of the ADA, and are not accepted.
To ask about accommodations before the show, please call the box office at (718) 760-6363.

Bag Policy

No Backpacks, Briefcases, Purses and/or Bags larger than 6.5″W x 4.5″H. Medically necessary or infant needs are permitted, inspection required.

Camera Policy

Professional cameras, laptops, iPods, and other cameras are not allowed. Cell phones are allowed but no flash photography.

Cancellation Policy

If a game is canceled due to inclement weather or cancellation, ticket holders will be informed as soon as possible through media and the website. Please contact the stadium at (718) 760-6363 to ask about refunds or postponements.

Food and Beverage Policy

Outside food and beverages are not allowed unless otherwise noted in the program description.

General Code of Conduct

To protect every guest and ensure everyone has a great time. The following code of conduct guidelines can be considered in effect.

  • Shirts and footwear are required to be worn at all times 
  • Do not wear any clothing or accessories with indecent, inappropriate, or offensive messaging or imagery
  • Refrain from the use of foul, abusive, offensive or inappropriate language or gestures, and any inappropriate behavior that creates a disruptive atmosphere for other guests
  • Do not enter upon any tennis court
  • Consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible and lawful manner
  • Do not use fan/user-based video streaming apps and video recording devices to record on-court action or activities
  • Show your ticket upon request and only sit in your designated seat, where applicable
  • Follow instructions from event staff regarding event operations or emergency procedures
  • Umbrellas may not be in the open position during play
  • Refrain from smoking, as this is a smoke-free environment
If any guest observes any inappropriate behavior or an incident of concern, please contact the nearest event staff or text a message to the US Open Command Center at (718) 760-6363.

Lost & Found

If you lost an item, please visit the Lost and Found section at Guest Relations. The event staff will be happy to direct you. If you need to call after an event, please call at (718) 760-6363 and be prepared to leave your full contact information and details about the lost item(s).

Grandstand Stadium, its owner and the owner’s affiliates, agents and employees are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed, except for service animals. By law, emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy dogs are not service animals, under Title II and Title III of the ADA, and are not accepted.

Prohibited Items 

To ensure a safe and comfortable environment at the show, the following items are prohibited from entry. Admission will be denied to anyone carrying the following items.

  • Backpacks (except single compartment drawstring bags)
  • Hard coolers or like containers
  • Sealed packages of any kind
  • Bottles or cans (glass or metal)
  • Aerosol cans or noise-making devices
  • Alcohol
  • Video cameras or recording devices (except for cell phones and SLR cameras with video or recording capabilities)
  • Computers or laptops
  • Weapons (regardless of permit)
  • Animals (unless a service animal)
  • Flags, banners or signs
  • Any materials constituting unauthorized advertising or promotion
  • Laser pointing devices
  • Tennis racquets
  • Drones (UAS-Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or other model aircraft
  • Selfie-sticks or other telescopic devices
  • Any other items deemed inappropriate or dangerous by US Open personnel, in their sole discretion
Subject to change without notice.

Re-Entry Policy

There is no re-entry onto the Stadium grounds once a patron leaves through the front gates.

Smoking Policy

Grandstand Stadium a non-smoking facility. Event staff will direct you to appropriate designated smoking sections.